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They say, “Life Happens!” And perhaps you have some  scars to prove it. Don’t we all. The pain of the past can leave some pretty distinguished marks. I have a few myself. Matter of fact, death sent me an invitation on several occasions. From a near fatal dog bite as a child, being diagnosed with lupus, and two major car accidents, grace and mercy told hell no on my behalf.

If you have had  a trip with trauma or have been knocked down, and have been unable to get back up, reach out and take my hand. I will walk, or crawl with you.  It is time out for dying where you are living and living where you are dying. It is time you find the courage to get back up and keep on going. It is time to live your best life ever! Besides, the world awaits your greatness.

You do want to live your best life ever, right!

I have a feeling that you did not come here to discover my greatness. I am confident that you are here because you want to uncover an easy and proven way to live your best life and obtain the tools of success that guarantee a healthy future including healthy relationships. Well, good for you!

Here’s what I’d like for you to do: Starting right now, decide that you are not going to look back. Declare that you are done with being dead and you will live your best life ever starting immediately.  Say it out loud – “I will live my best life ever!” (I hear you!) Yes, now is the time to dream again because there is life after life happens.

Now that you are ready, allow me to introduce myself.  I am Your Confidence & Courage  Speaker and Coach, Your Friend, Your Master Encourager, and Cheerleader – RJ Jackson, The Courage Giver. Now if I am right about you being sick and tired of settling for less than you deserve and you want all that God has for you, then click here  for the results you’ll love.

On the other hand, if you really want to meet me and discover why I get so excited about the opportunity to journey with you, then I invite you to be a part of my Repositioned Journey.

It’s a journey of authentic inspiration on a safe road to a life changing transformation.  It is a journey that allows me to partner with you or your audience intentionally so that you can live your best life ever.

While you are checking me out – read, learn, discover, inquire, decide, ask, enjoy, and be intentional. Do whatever it takes to make this connection divine. Because it was meant to be!  The door to meeting someone who believes in you and the people you serve is open. Simply Click Here for access.

No matter where you click – You Win.

By the way, today is a great day for you to find hope and healing! I am passionate about you living your best life. So, let’s connect.

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There is "Life After Life" Happens

Your Heart Can Be Healed If You Have All The Pieces.
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It's Time to Live Your Best Life EVER!
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  • RJ Jackson
    RJ Jackson
    Passionate. Humorous. Storyteller

    OK, this is a testimony about me from me,

    RJ Jackson – The Courage Giver.

    Different, right. I know! That me however – different.

    Beside, who knows me better than me? 

    Simply put, I want to see you win! You were born a winner. I am here to cheer you on.  I am called, gifted, and equipped to  inspire and infuse others with courage, confidence, and vision.  It’s funny how our biggest struggles are our greatest assets. You see, those are the three areas in my life that I struggled with the most growing up.

    But like you, I have been deemed a winner too. Now, I walk in victory over each of those areas in my life. I want the same for you!  

    Make no mistake about it, I still have trails. The key is, my trials do not have me! I understand and accept the fact that the trials I have gone through were, are, and will forever be instrumental in helping me share my truth and experiences authentically.  I live the life I speak about and I speak about the life I live. 

    I was born to inspire you.  I do what I love and I love what I do! I speak life!

    It is my honor to share my story with you in order to inspire you to live your best life ever!

    RJ Jackson, The Courage Giver

    RJ Jackson
  • Gale Carroll
    RJ Jackson
    Resilient.  An Overcomer. Faithful

    When I think of RJ Jackson two things come to the forefront of my mind – resilience and integrity. RJ is a woman that keeps her word and lives out what she believes.

    In the 16 years that I have known her she has overcome many challenges and hardships. 

    By God’s graciousness to her and her faithfulness to Him I have seen a positive and even miraculous outcome every time! It has been a great source of encouragement just to watch her life and how she lives it by faith everyday.

    Gale Carroll, 1st Lady,
     Water of Life Community Church

    Gale Carroll
  • Kay Trotman

    RJ Jackson


    Inspiring. Relevant. Encouraging

    I had the pleasure of attending RJ’s Motivation Monday’s programs.  RJ is one of the most inspiring speakers I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and listening.

    Everything in her talks is relevant to ‘today’ to our lives and the situations one would encounter. This, of course makes her speech or her input relevant, and each became inspired by each other’s stories and sharing and that is what made the class so relevant and so attention grabbing.

    If you have an opportunity that much more interesting and involved. I loved it.

    Each week we were giving information and asked how it might apply to our life, the following week everyone shared how RJ’s words of encouragement, how those things she discussed came into play in our everyday life.

    Some of the conversation following our sharing was eye opening and inspiring. If you have the opportunity to attend any class, at anytime offered by RJ, I’d highly suggest you make the time to attend.  You won’t be sorry, and more importantly, it will help you in your personal life and you will be inspired in the end.

    Kay Trotman, “Safari’ Kay”
    Destined To Travel LLC, Specializing in African Safari

    Kay Trotman
  • Cecilia Lauren

    RJ Jackson


    A Touch of Heaven

    I’m an accountant by trade and working with numbers is what I do.
    When it comes to writing a reference I haven’t a clue. However, I do know this, that an opportunity with RJ you don’t want to miss. I have invited her to speak at our ladies fellowships since 2007 and every visit with her has been like a touch from heaven.
    If you are searching for someone to share God’s Word for any need, I truly assure that with RJ you will be blessed indeed.
    Cecilia Lauren
    Women’s Ministry Leader
    Cecilia Lauren
  • Nancy Robles Vigneau

    RJ Jackson


    Sincere. Inspiring. Impactful. Safe

    RJ Jackson is one of thee most sincerest persons I know. She is the kind of Life Coach who tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Yet, she does it in such a loving way, you hardly feel it, but you know the shift is happening.  Her positive influence empowers  you to take action on what you have learned.

    With that being said, RJ has been a huge influence in my life.  She has been so impactful that I couldn’t imagine where I would be without her love and support.

    Rather  you need a Speaker, Life Coach or Motivator,  her ability to see past the surface and connect with people is truly a gift.  Her character is genuine and come easy because she is a beautiful woman God, and above all things, she trust in Him first.

    In full confidence, you can hire RJ. She will encourage, energize, and help you discover the clarify you need for any situation in a loving and safe setting.

    Nancy Robles-Vigneau – Nancy’s Fancy Scarves

    Nancy Robles Vigneau
  • Joice Valentine

    RJ Jackson


    A Friend.  Caring. Authentic. Engaging

    RJ Jackson is one person that everyone has on their friends list. RJ is caring, encouraging, a motivator, authentic, and an all around good person.

    I’ve had the pleasure of hearing her speak and one thing for sure – she can “Work the Crowd” and “Get Them Engaged.”

    RJ is a woman who loves her family and friends dearly and even when she wasn’t feeling her best,  she still strives to be there for others.

    RJ is an inspiration to me.

    Joice Valentine  – Author, Director, Producer, Writer

    Joice Valentine