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New Release – Available August 2019

A Repositioned Journey – Im Still Standing

Throughout my college years I managed to enroll in classes that required taking a test verses writing an  essay. I never liked to write. My publisher laughs at me every time she hears me say, “I am just not a writer”
The funny thing is, growing up, I use to love writing poetry. My family and friends would always request a poem for special occasions. Nevertheless, writing was  not my thing.
So,  you may be wondering  how  I manage to become an Amazon Best Selling Author, not once, not twice, but currently four times, if I am not a writer.  Well, I may not like to write but  like you, I have a story and I had the courage to tell it.

I am not necessarily “the best” writer, I am however “an available” writer.  It’s amazing what God can do when we make ourselves available. You have a story and it’s time you make yourself available and find the courage to tell it. Besides, it’s time you live your best life ever and  the world needs to hear your story.
Stop saying you are waiting on God, God is waiting on you! Contact me today and let’s talk about your sharing your story for God’s glory.

Here are a few of my books. I currently have contributed to over 1o books including sharing the spotlight with Les Brown, Dottie Walters, and Nido Qubein.

Life on The Other Side of Fear

What could be more courageous than admitting that there is more to life than you’ve been living and then sitting down with 15 courageous women, women who understand what it takes to live life on the other side of fear?  These insightful women share content rich life lessons of personal, professional, and spiritual development in a one on one inspirational interview.  Pull up a chair, grab a pen, and feel free to write in the book as these dynamic women leave a mark of courage and confidence on your heart.

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A Cup of Courage for Your Crisis

A Cup of Courage strengthens you as you deal with some of life’s most challenging situations and Struggles.

RJ compliments her provoking thoughts with Scripture, inspirational examples and motivational quotes.  As you read A Cup of Courage for Your Crisis, you’ll be reminded that God has not forgotten you and His plans for you are for a future and a hope.

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It’s Harvest Time

Today, in a world of conforming, copying, imitation, and indulgence, many are striving to be who they are not. It is difficult to find anything authentic anymore. People and food included.  GMO has taken over the food industry.  Harvest time has been replaced with a microwave attitude that demands immediate results.  Great results, however, take time.

If you have purchased apples lately, you may not have noticed that they can sit on the shelf much longer without becoming rotten.  That may seem like a progressive step. However, although they may last longer, the question we must consider is how many nutrients do they provide? Does an apple still maintain its value if it has not been fully harvested? The same thing holds true for you and me when we take shortcuts in life.  We live like GMO apples. Perhaps, they look like regular apples to some and they even taste like the apples they have always eaten. What is the difference? The difference is authenticity–100% percent pure apple.  Nothing is more delicious and healthier for you than an organic homegrown apple that is harvested.

It’s Harvest Time encourages you to live a life with a pail full of purpose, authenticity, intention, and legacy.  It is a quick, enjoyable read that reminds you to let your core essences of greatness leave a lasting impression on the world.       

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Strands of Pearls for The Girls

Diamonds may be a girls’ best friend but pearls have inspired people for ages with their classic appeal. People are drawn to pearls just as they are drawn to other people because of their rarity and beauty. While most young ladies are trapped by conformity, Strands of Pearls for The Girls wraps you with courage and allows your astonishing appeal to stand out.

In Strands of Pearls for The Girls, RJ Jackson, The Courage Giver places a strand of pearls around the neck and heart of teenage girls to enhance their inner beauty and compliment their outer beauty.  Strands of Pearls for The Girls inspires teen girls to live out of their greatness as a precious gem.

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Stand Still and Watch God Move

We live in a fast pace, why wait, world. We’ve been conditioned to move and move quickly.  We want what we want, and we want it now! On one hand we are told to hurry up because if we are too slow we will get run over. While on the other hand, we are told to wait on God. These indecisive directions are part of everyone’s journey. If we’re not careful, we will get stuck in fast lane colliding with the disappointments of life.

“Stand Still and Watch God Work” is a soft whisper reminding us to get dressed in faith and courage; and even in our worst times, to be unmovable, keep an upright attitude, and expect God’s promises to unfold and bring light to our darkest moments as we wait on Him.

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Take Heart – Stories of Heaven on Earth

Work, debt, fear, relationships, and your health; when you want to give up, and you need courage to continue, “Take Heart!” We have all felt overwhelmed, discouraged, and even a little hopeless at one time or another.

Take Heart is more than an affirmation that you are not alone. It is declaration of God’s faithfulness. Open the book and be encouraged to Take Heart. Open your heart and experience a taste of heaven here on earth!

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The Courage Check Up

The Courage Check-Up is as important as a physical check-up. Just has  a regular health check  can identify problems, chart progress, and outline action steps to maintain a healthy heart,  The Courage Check-Up  provides motivation for change, increase your faith, and improve the quality of life.

Think of The Courage Check-Up as you would an annual physical with a health professional: a check-up to improve your circumstances and prevent potential problems. The Courage Check-Up investigates the heart of an individual for abnormal conditions that blocks potential and possibility.

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