A Cup of Courage for Your Crisis By RJ Jackson


A Cup of Courage is like taking a sip of our
Saviors satisfying Word. RJ has penned the
most practical guide to unlocking God’s promises.
You will clearly understand what it takes to brew
the best cup of courage for you!
A Cup of Courage is about seeing yourself as God
sees you, whole, complete, and lacking nothing.
It’s about stepping out on faith, and knowing the
Father as your guarantor. It’s about trusting that if
God began a work in you He is faithful and
capable of completing it. It’s about overcoming the
obstacles we often stumble upon like doubt, fear
and worry. 

Once you begin to apply these simplistic steps in
what I’d like to call a “shift your mentality
manual,” you will not only receive A Cup of
Courage but you will have enough Word left over
to share A Cup of Courage with someone else. The
recipe for a Cup of Courage has never been more
easily stated. You follow RJ’s easy to follow steps
and your first taste of courage will be sweeter than
you could have imagined. You will no longer
allow your sight to determine your vision. You
will begin to speak God’s Word over your
situation, read His Word for revelation, and thus
walk in total and complete manifestation of that

RJ not only gives you instructions on how to fill your
Cup with Courage, but she tells you how to ensure
your Cup of Courage is never empty again!

I must warn you…Upon completion of A Cup of
Courage you will be FILLED, you will be more
CONFIDENT, you will be EMPOWERED and
you will be more COURAGEOUS! So take a sip
from this wonderfully written practical guide and
to one of the most important keys you will ever
hold in your hand. Drink of this Cup…and for
Courage, you will thirst no more!
Maura Gale
Actress, Speaker and, Author of Anointed Agenda
and Beyond Blessed.

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