A Repositioned Journey

Bad things happen even to good people. Good people are diagnosed with illness and terminal conditions, they lose loved ones, get laid off, experience divorce, and even lose their homes.  Perhaps you are one of many of the good people who have had a tragic event unfold in their lives. 

If that’s you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Matter of fact, I’m right there with you – diagnosed with a rare eye disease, was handed a 30 day pink slip, both my parents transitioned, and I was on the brink of losing my home.

Yes, life happens and we do not always get to pick how it happens but we do decide how we’re going to respond to our life experiences.  Personally, I have decided and I am committed to helping you decide that there is  Life After Life happens. I firmly believe that everything we go through in life is to position us for greatness. I call everything I’ve gone through a #RJ  #RepositionedJourney.

I’d love to show you how I made it through the tough times in life and why they call me The Courage Giver and The Comeback Queen. Perhaps we can even journey together. Contact me today to discuss the value I add to your event or your personal life’s journey.

You are not alone. There are women just like you who are waiting to connect with you in the She Is and I am She Community. or in the ICU Confidence, Courage, and Change Coaching Unit. Get connected today.  Don’t die where you are living and don’t live where you are dying! 

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