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World Class Relationships for at Work and Home

Is your relationship safe? Are you free to be you or have you lost yourself in someone else? Does your relationship add happiness or ongoing stress to your life? Although there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, everyone deserves to be in a safe and healthy relationship.  Relationships, (spouse, children, parents, friends, family members) are the core of our being and should serve as a safety net for the tough times we face. 

We are created for connection and when life happens, we need healthy relationships free from criticism, ridicule, control, and blame.  We need to know we are loved, honored, and supported.

Healthy relationships are build on mutual respect, integrity, trust, shared responsibilities, good communication, and forgiveness. Relationships take work and require an investment, which leads to growth. If your relationship is not growing, or you feel the need for a relationship make over – You are not alone.

Parenting Programs

Raising World Class Kids combines Dr. Michael H. Popkin’s Active Parenting 4 curriculum, a highly researched program that teaches parents about their children’s developmental stages and supports their character development, with World Class Communication, which teaches the relationship and problem-solving skills that form the heart of a world-class relationship. 


World Class Relationships & Communication Programs

World Class Relationships for Work & Home™ (WCR-WH) is a 16-hour evidence-based course that teaches communication skills for getting and keeping a job, as well as forming family relationships that endure and strengthen during times of stress. The course covers 16 pillars and is interactive and dynamic with lots of in-class skill practice and exercises. Topics include: setting goals, power listening, avoiding blame, handling hot topics, resolving conflicts and disagreements, giving apology & forgiveness, growing yourself, nurturing the relationship, and more. You’ll love this class and your family will love you for taking it!


RJ Jackson The Courage Giver offers a safe and encouraging place for parents to discover and develop life-changing communication skills for mastering “World Class Relationships for Work and Home.”

Participants will learn the 16 pillars and 3 conditions that stimulate growth and healthy families and their work environment. Topics include and are not limited to: Understanding the nature of behavior, apology and forgiveness, Forging a Bond, and Nurturing the relationship. Free Workbook & Certificate of Completion awarded. Look for a class with RJ near you.. Or request her for your group.

Resources for Relationships

24 hour National Domestic Violence Hotline – 1.800.799.7233

How Healthy is Your Relationship Quiz

Be sure and call from a safe phone or use a public computer when seeking help