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a. not hiding from yourself, or from others b: easily detected or seen through : obvious c: readily understood d: characterized by visibility or accessibility of information.

There’s Nothing Like Giving You a Glimpse of Good Living

I Love Being Your Living, Breathing, Expression of Love! Leading and Teaching You by Example. I Find Joy in Being Open and Revealing the Important Things about Myself, My Relationships, Limitations and Expectations, in Work and Play.  I am the First to Admit, I am not Perfect, nor do I Try to Be, I am Just Me – A Hot Mess Most of The Time, and Confident that God Started Something Good in Me and a Believer in His Plans for Me All the Time!  Oh Yes, There is Freedom in Transparency.

Keeping it Real…

Delivering it Raw…

Living Life Righteously!

Keeping it Real

So my granddaughter just told me I need to laugh more… boy is she right! Laughter is a healing balm and am I in need of healing – Physically, Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, and Financially. I know you think I have it all together… Well I do not!! The struggle is real! What you see when you look at me is a covering of God’s grace, a cup of courage, and a barrel full of faith.  #visionhastwoeyes#acupofcourage #thecouragegiver #lifeafterlife#ICU #Courisk #transparent #vaunerable#authentic

Delivering it Raw


I Will Tell You: So I started my day off with my granddaughters stating 3 things we were each grateful for. Then I wrote down three words I heard God whisper to my heart. Then I wrote down 2 goals for today. One of my goals was to secure a full paying speaking engagement today. I did not get a chance to do any marketing or calling today in order to accomplish my goal, instead I prayed with people, took time to listen to others, blessed someone with money even though I was short on a bill I needed to pay. In other words, I put people first. Seemingly as a result, I did not reach my goal of securing an engagement.

Instead, Here is What Happened: 2 people called and secured me for a total of 3, YES, 3 FULL paying speaking engagements between now and August. Look at God! Stand Still my friend and watch God move!  Be encouraged. Blessings 

#Godfirst#handlingGodsbusiness #standstillthebook #rjjacksonthecouragegiver#rjjackson #thecouragegiver #lifeafterlife#visionhastwoeyes #myGod #ispeaklife

Living Life Righteously

My mentor, Speaker and Author, Zig Ziggler once said, “Life is not measured by what you have, life is measured by what you give.”  And boy is he right! Our life was meant to be lived on purpose, and I believe that purpose is always about people and always bigger than we are.

Each day I vow to give my life away by serving others. The greatest form of exercise is lifting others up. Since the world is my stage, I am honored to live the life I speak about. Many doors have been opened for me to serve including doors in Haiti, Kenya, Nigeria, Mexico, Thailand, and right here in the USA. I enjoy giving a voice to the voiceless and being the hands and feet of Jesus.







It’s time for you to live the life you imagine.  Make a right turn here for a Repositioned Journey.  Let’s journey together- I got your back so you can move forth.

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