In-Person and Virtual Speaker RJ Jackson

Best Women's Conference & Retreat Speaker


Authentic and Transparent

Because you and your audience deserve a down-to-earth message that is interesting, relevant, and applicable – RJ delivers!  She is passionate about empowering and encouraging others.  She understands the issues people face. Leading by example, Ms. RJ challenges and inspires people to live their best life by creating measurable goals they can apply as they return back to life happening at home or work.

A Skilled and Gifted Communicator

Because you want your people to grow, you hire a speaker who can clearly communicate words of courage and confidence. RJ loves to inspire, encourage, and empower and she is naturally gifted to do so. One attendee said it best, “It’s more than what RJ says, it’s how she makes you feel that is so powerful.” RJ connects with her audience before she ever reaches the stage. She presents her material in ways that are easily grasped by the newcomer and the veteran. Her content is valuable, something to ponder and chew on. RJ is often humorous, and sometimes hilarious. Her message is more than entertaining, it is life-changing. The message Ms. RJ shares causes transformation in the everyday situations that most people face.

Open and Real

When it comes to planning on purpose, you simply do not have time to play a guessing game. With RJ, you never have to guess. Her character speaks loud and clear. You know you are getting the real deal. As a fellow struggler, yet an overcomer, RJ shares her story throughout her message. She opens up her life to those in attendance so they can catch a glimpse of good living during their circumstances.


You deserve a speaker who is a reflection of the vision for your conference or retreat. RJ connects with women one-on-one as well as large groups. On most occasions, she is available afterward for those who have questions or need a word of encouragement. RJ is one of those personable speakers who join participants at meals, sit to talk after main sessions, and take time to greet people before the conference.


A Servant’s Heart

After you’ve put in your best effort in planning, you deserved to be loved on too. RJ genuinely cares and strives to have everyone feel appreciated, especially the meeting planner. Her servants heart motivates her to serve not to be served. For a retreat that changes lives, choose RJ Jackson, The Courage Giver as your next Conference or Retreat Speaker.

Mature and Seasoned Faith Based Speaker

When your event calls for a mature and seasoned speaker, you want RJ Jackson. RJ has flown around the world speaking for over 30 years. She accepted her call into the ministry as a young lady and has continued to seek His purpose and plan for her life. After graduating with a certificate of Ministry and a Masters of Theology in Practical Theology, RJ was ordained as an evangelist by her Pastor, Dan Carroll.

RJ’s  Experience, Purpose, and Passion

“Great testing tips and I don’t panic anymore. RJ has allowed our students the opportunity to learn powerful success and team-building skills that will last a lifetime.”  “The BEST parent workshop I have ever attended!”  These are the comments and words that echo through the hallways and minds of students, teachers, and parents that have just witnessed the conviction and power of RJ’s presentation!

RJ demonstrates her respect for learning as she continues to make herself available to educational institutions across the country!  She is no outsider to the school system as she frequently facilitates classroom presentations and assemblies on Character, Respect, Drug Prevention, Success, Testing, and Diversity.  

Having served as Producer and Host of the children’s radio program Learning Is Fun, and current Executive Director of The Courage Network, Inc, a nonprofit organization serving at-risk children and their families, RJ’s work ethic does not go unnoticed!  She’s been honored as: Living History Maker in Education, Inland Empire Leaders of Distinction; University of Riverside Women Who Make a Difference; Phenomenal Woman of the Year, and has received many prestigious commendations from Mayors, Governors, Senates, and Congress for her work and dedication to schools and communities! 

Whether the environment is School, Community, Corporate, TV, Radio, or Church, Ms. Jackson leaves an imprint that propels one into action! 

A Glimpse of RJ

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