ICU Coaching with RJ Jackson




What is Coaching
Coaching is an empowerment course. During the sessions we’ll focus on the plans God has for you instead of the next thing that gets your attention. You will learn to make life-changing choices, instead of just letting things happen to you.

You will reclaim the power of God and His plans of success for your life. Coaching accelerates your progress by providing greater focus, accountability, and awareness of choice. It also concentrates on where you are today and what you are willing to do to get where God desires for you to be tomorrow.

Session Location
Via Phone, or Google Hangout
What's The Quickest Way to Get Started
Decide You are ready to live your best life ever.  Review the available dates and book your ICU Destiny Session. Select the date that works best for you based on the calendar dates available.  It’s that easy.

What is my investment
Your life can change for as little as $20.00.

20/20 Vision – The best 20 minutes of your day can be spent with RJ Jackson The Courage Giver.

Destiny Session –  Your  ICU Destiny Session is an initial structured session designed to explore your values, focus area, dreams, fears and goals. This session forms the foundation for future sessions if requested. The session is fifty minutes. Client is responsible for initiating the call.

Life Support Session – The session is sixty minutes. Client is responsible for initiating the call.

The Courage Check – Up  This is a follow up call to the Life Support Session Only. The session is thirty minutes. Client is responsible for initiating the call.

Prices for life coaching services and programs range from $20 to $450 per month, depending on how many sessions and how long they are. Typically people receive life coaching for four (4) hours a month.

All life coaching rates include 1-2 updates per month via email between sessions. Fees are always paid upfront on a monthly, quarterly, or semi- annual basis. Life coaching is extremely rewarding and can pay for itself in increased productivity and quality of life. Clients are required make a two month commitment to the coaching to give it a full chance to demonstrate its effectiveness. This is not a financial commitment but a psychological one. Therefore, coaching might last only two months or it may continue
on for a year or more. You will know when it is time to end.
Ask about our financial plan that allows you to get started right away and pay later.

All sessions are confidential.

Missed appointments are nonrefundable. 

What Results Can I Expect
· Discover where God is in your current situation
· Courage to be all that you are created to be
· Improved relationships
· Courage to create a plan and move into action
· A new appreciation for accountability
· New goals and results
· Improved communication
· An enhanced quality of life

As with Anything in Life, What You Put in is What You Get Out!  It is Worth the Investment. The Return is LIFE CHANGING!

When is the Best Time to Start
Do you know that 5 minutes of your life just passed you by and you cannot get it back. You can however decide right now that it is time to “Live Your Best Life Now on Purpose”

Call me so we can walk, run, and enjoy this journey together.

Contact me NOW

You are not alone. There are women just like you who are waiting to connect with you in the She Is and I am She Community or in the ICU Confidence, Courage, and Change Coaching Unit. Get connected today.  Don’t die where you are living and don’t live where you are dying!