Meet RJ Jackson

Meet RJ Jackson, The Courage Giver

Personal Development Influencer

Award Winning International Speaker

Accountability Coach

Certified Anger Management

Best Selling Author

While most believe that everyone has a story, with over three decades of speaking, life coaching, broadcasting, and most importantly, as a leader with real-life, on the battlefield experiences. RJ believes that everyone’s journey is a success story.  Unfortunately, people, settle and allow fear to rob them of their greatness. RJ refuses to settle.  Not even a diagnosis of a rare eye disease, lupus, or a brain injury holds RJ hostage. RJ, known worldwide as The Courage Giver understands that her life’s purpose is bigger than the circumstances she faces. 

Unable to talk or walk after a life-threatening accident in 2015, RJ continued encouraging women around the globe virtually.  Her innate ability to inspire women does more than move them to tears; RJ moves her audience to action by providing them with practical success strategies. RJ is gifted at bringing out the best in people.  She is admired for her authentic, down-to-earth, practical, and transparent style. Her fusion of real-life stories, humor, and her conversational techniques connect with her audience at an intimate level even before she ever steps foot on the stage.

Ms. Jackson has been honored around the world as Phenomenal Woman of the Year, Living Legacy of the Year, and Woman of The Year. The Mayor of Buffalo, New York deemed June 24 as RJ Jackson Day and the city of Moreno Valley, California acknowledges July 9 as Learning is Fun Day after RJ’s children’s radio broadcast. 

RJ is the mother of two supportive adult children and three grandchildren, She resides in Southern California.