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Our Services

Anger Management – When it comes to learning how to manage your anger and enriching your life, we understand that you want to do so in a safe, non-judgmental, and welcoming environment. JT SAANS offers just want you need in an environment that produces results. Our certified course addresses the basics of anger, the toll of anger, triggers, healthy solutions to handling your anger to keep anger from handling you.

Customer Service We offer interactive trainings in person and virtually to support business owners, companies, and organizations in their quest to provide excellent customer service. Our updated courses are designed to strengthen communication during and post COVID 19.

Effective Communication When a world class relationship is at the top of your list, we have the tools you need to succeed in establishing effective communication. As one of less than one hundred certified California facilitators for ‘World Class Relationships for at Work and Home’ we offer a researched based curriculum to help you improve your relationships at work and home. Discover develop life-changing communication skills using the three conditions and eight pillars of communication.

Human Trafficking – Because we believe people deserve to be safe, awareness is one of our main goals. Human trafficking is a hidden crime that happens right in front of our eyes. However, most are blind to the signs. Our trainings are designed to help open the eyes of leaders, community advocates, parents, and people working with children and women to human trafficking. We believe an open eye can save a life.

Leadership – Because we believe leaders are people too and deserve to feel appreciated, we offer programs that honor leaders. Our programs are designed to encourage leaders, increase morale, nurture current and future leaders, promote awareness, and improve performance. Our programs include topics such as communication, decision- making, diversity and inclusion, leadership character, and leadership styles.

Parenting – We care to see families succeed and promote topics such as family meetings, sibling rivalry, communication, parents with teens, and parents are models and leaders, and more. In our engaging, informative, and interactive parenting programs, participants learn how to improve parent-child relationships, including skills such as patience, love, disciple, and how to manage stress and anger. The foundation of each session is to help parents create a healthy cooperative family as they balance discipline and consequences.

If you are an event visionary or meeting planner searching for a speaker who can grab and maintain your audience’s attention, humorous, and provides authentic inspiration – Let’s talk….. Let’s dance!