RJ Jackson

RJ Jackson
Passionate. Humorous. Storyteller

OK, this is a testimony about me from me,

RJ Jackson – The Courage Giver.

Different, right. I know! That me however – different.

Beside, who knows me better than me? 

Simply put, I want to see you win! You were born a winner. I am here to cheer you on.  I am called, gifted, and equipped to  inspire and infuse others with courage, confidence, and vision.  It’s funny how our biggest struggles are our greatest assets. You see, those are the three areas in my life that I struggled with the most growing up.

But like you, I have been deemed a winner too. Now, I walk in victory over each of those areas in my life. I want the same for you!  

Make no mistake about it, I still have trails. The key is, my trials do not have me! I understand and accept the fact that the trials I have gone through were, are, and will forever be instrumental in helping me share my truth and experiences authentically.  I live the life I speak about and I speak about the life I live. 

I was born to inspire you.  I do what I love and I love what I do! I speak life!

It is my honor to share my story with you in order to inspire you to live your best life ever!

RJ Jackson, The Courage Giver