JT SAANS Consulting Firm

Let’s “Fine-tune Your Focus” So You Can Live The Successful, Satisfying, And Significant Life You Desire and Deserve.

YOU Are Our Focus

We personalize our keynotes, live events, and webinars to fulfill your personal growth needs.

You deserve to love, be loved, thrive, and be understood. You deserve healthy and happy relationships. And yes – Success, satisfaction and a meaningful life can be yours in the blink of an eye when you fine-tune your focus.

An Experience of Relentless Excellence

Because we believe that people matter, we honor everyone we serve with excellence and respect regardless of our differences.  

Facilitating Growth

Our service and syllabus consist of researched-based programs and authentic inspiration that causes transformation and allows you to focus on what matters most. 

Influencing Change.

The words of Verna Myers shine the light on the stages we speak from in-person and virtually, “Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.” 

We’d love to dance with you!

A Few of Our Awesome Dance Partners


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1 a human trafficking
1 a leadership
1 a parenting
1 a wcr

 What People are Saying about The Courage Giver

“You enlivened the group with your words of encouragement and wisdom…your positive outlook and uplifting attitude is infectious…you are a role model not only to youth, but a motivator to people from all walks of life!” —Kathryn Jones, Assistant Director, University of California, Riverside   

“RJ is with strong certainty a true presenter.  The passion which RJ exemplifies when partnering with parents to ensure success for all students makes her undeniably a merchant of hope.”  — The late Eric E. Witherspoon, Principal, Rialto Unified School District