JT SAANS Consulting Firm

We Inspire People to See the Best in Themselves and Others.

You are our why. We believe that everyone deserves to love, be loved, survive and thrive, and understood.

Because we believe that people matter we honor everyone we serve with excellence and respect regardless of our differences.  

Our service and syllabus consist of  researched based programs and authentic inspiration that causes transformation. 

We offer keynotes, trainings, workshops, and webinars. We present and teach by example. We live the life we talk about.  We appreciate the words of Verna Myers, “Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.”  We’d love to dance with you!

Our Awesome Dance Partners


Ways We Serve 

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1 a anger Management


1 a customer service

1 a human trafficking
1 a leadership
1 a parenting
1 a wcr